The Crazy Capturing of Cupid

Dear Diary,

It’s been 139 days since I first got trapped in here. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the light of day, felt the sun on my face and felt the wind in my minimal hair. I miss seeing the woozy look on peoples faces after I shoot them… with my love arrows.

I can still remember so clearly how I got in here. I was flying high above the clouds when I realized that there was a box miles below me. I swooped down to go see what it was all about, and as I got closer, I realized that there was someone inside! He seemed sad, I could smell the heartbreak on him. I decided to be generous and help him out, but as soon as I entered the box, the lid that was precariously perched above it snapped down and I have been trapped ever since. About two minutes after the lid snapped down, two people came trotting out of the not-suspicious bushes sitting weirdly close to the box and brought me here. To this prison they call a school.

They told me on the way here that the only reason they were doing this was because they wanted my powers for themselves, and that they had no need worry, because they were the “good guys”. THE GOOD GUYS. Oh sure, trapping me here to become your slave for reasons that are completely selfish, and you are the GOOD GUYS. Jeez, I don’t even want to know what the bad guys are like if these tyrants are the good ones.

The worst part is, I don’t even have any company here! The person I saw that lured me here in the first place? He was a dummy! Completely fake!


Dear Diary,

It’s been 139 days since we trapped Cupid in the basement of our school. He hasn’t really been all that helpful, I think the only reason that The Boss wanted us to trap him was to test out the completely genius trap that we designed. It really was amazing. We created a box and a dummy to put inside, plus a lid and lid prop, and some really believable “not-suspicious bushes” to hide in, and we were done! It was super easy, and truly brilliant.
This does go against a few of my morals though. My partner in capturing Cupid, Andrea, didn’t seem fazed at all by this. I think it’s kind of monstrous, but I can’t help if The Boss has dazzling skill in all things evil. I mean come on! We’re keeping him in our basement and only letting our own people use his powers instead of sharing him with the world. It’s completely selfish, really.
Well, I should go. The Boss is calling for our attention, probably to propose another crazy plan. What’s next, kidnapping Santa?


So that is the story of cupid and his captors! My class did a Valentines Day Breakout and the theme was cupid capturing, so there is my opinion on capturing cupid. The diary entry says it all. It was a fun Breakout, and I had a blast, but i think it’s completely barbaric to capture a flying baby! At least that’s my opinion. So long! Farewell! Auf Weidersehen! I’ll see you all in my next post!


Edited by: Briana

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